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The US Power Grid:  Assessing the Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attack steering group
July 22, 2010

The Madison Policy Forum will be conducting a study on the risk posed by cyber attack to the North American electrical grid.  The study will feature several conferences comprising leading cyber security and electrical engineering experts and will culminate in a concise monograph containing our key findings and recommendations. Through this study, MPF will make an informed assessment about the true risks from cyber attacks to the power grid and provide practical recommendations for securing the grid to policymakers and practitioners. In particular, MPF will explore the intentions and capabilities of malicious actors, identify potential vulnerabilities that our cyber enemies could exploit, and expose the consequences that such an event could have if carried out effectively. Following this assessment, we will look at what both the US Government and privately owned power companies could do to make the grid more resilient and how emergency response and law enforcement agencies would address a multi-day or month long blackout. The results of this study will be used to inform policy and provide practitioners with practical steps that can be taken to deter, prevent, or mitigate a cyber attack to the power grid.


Participant List

Richard A. Clarke, Daniel Dolgin, Mark Fabro, Robert Knake, Neil Korf, Nadia Schadlow, Michael A. Sheehan