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Counterinsurgency:  An examination of U.S. COIN policy in future conflicts
post Afghanistan.
October 15, 2010

The Madison Policy Forum conducted a small conference at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point to address whether the current US counterinsurgency (COIN) doctrine should be revised in light of the expected US role in future conflicts post Afghanistan.  To address this question, MPF convened leading experts and former military officials who have extensive experience in executing COIN operations and developing COIN policy.  The opinions gathered throughout this full day event will be used to inform a written paper on the topic, which will be published and circulated to a wide audience in early 2011.  The authors will review the current COIN doctrine outlined in the latest edition of the Army Field Manual and provide recommendations for a revised US COIN doctrine to match the future US military requirements beyond the next five years.


Participant List

Andrew Bair, MAJ Seth Bodnar, COL Gian Gentile, MAJ Jeanne Godfroy, MAJ Bryan Groves, Kalev Sepp, Michael Sheehan, Michael Viola, Vincent Viola, Scott Watson, Robert Windrem