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Military-Business Dialogue: 2014 Fellowship

The Madison Policy Forum believes that in order to develop a national strategy for a cyber world, both military and business leaders must come together to collaborate and innovate in order to effectively confront future cyber security challenges.  While government and business leaders are well acclimated to challenges posed by the physical world, especially in terms of conflict and competition, the cyber world poses a different set of policy challenges for both the business and military communities.  To explore these policy challenges presented by the cyber world more deeply, the Madison Policy Forum has convened a select cohort of promising early/mid-career leaders from both the military and business communities. Over the course of 2014, top thought leaders on cyber policy issues from both the military and business communities will facilitate engaging, in-depth dialogues with the Military-Business Fellows.     


2014 Fellows

The Madison Policy Forum is pleased to announce the 2014 Class of Military Business Fellows. Click here to meet the 2014 Military-Business Fellows.